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Birds Are Not Meant To Be Caged

September 10, 2017

These birds are definitely not meant to be caged!  Moooi never fails when it comes to supporting new and innovative ideas within the design world. DNLUD got an exclusive inside look into the launch of new designs by Umur Yamac, at the Moooi showroom in NYC.  Moooi is known for their “ground breaking lighting products and exceptional furniture”, and this display was far from ordinary. The star of the show, the Perch Lighting Collection. 

The Perch light family is a captivating line of floor, table, wall and suspension lamps.  A simply abstract combination of balance and movement inspired by birds.  These sculptural birds are glowing with light and created from steel, aluminum, and thermoplastic. They stylishly float on a brass perch and are able to gracefully rock on it when touched.  We can not wait to see these captivating lights stunting over dining tables or hovering over a chair as a reading lamp. 




We admire Moooi for supporting designers to create their ideas and dreams, and we can’t wait to see these fixtures come alive in the perfect space.  A unique statement piece, as all interior lighting should be…..If you’re a bird, I am a bird!




One of the DNLUD Ladies attempting to make her very own Perch out of paper and scotch tape with a little help from gin & tonic ;)


Thank you Moooi for the wonderful event and first look!!



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