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Fun at R29!

September 20, 2017

Our first time at the R29 Rooms but definitely not our last -- See our favorite rooms/moments of this wonderful event below!


Become The Masterpiece

Alexa Meade is an American artist known for her ingenious, fun installations that blur the line between 2D and 3D objects. Alexa creates these hypnotizing murals and by using humans, bags, cars, etc. as an additional canvas to the mural. In turn, the art breathes and becomes a continuously changing piece. One of the DNLUD ladies, got to experience this magic first hand at the Refinery 29 Rooms! Alexa painted these vibrant, funky art murals as a background and via the usage of painted clothing articles in similar captivating patterns, guest got to feel like a part of her masterpiece. Hence, the appropriately titled “Become the Masterpiece”.


Bright Future

We at DNLUD love the usage of neon lights in interiors and this installation was touching to us. As a female company, we whole heartedly support Planned Parenthood and this was a cool way to draw attention to this organization. The fun banana peeling condom, birth controls, and lettering signage informs people of all the distinct services Planned Parenthood offers and why it is extremely important to continue supporting them.



The Future is Female

This room let us pretend to be one of the dopest boxers out there. The vibrant yellow backdrop and the rows of punching bags with distinct, inspiring quotes and sayings is a great way to get out frustrations with this current world we live in. A collaboration with Madame Gandhi and Jen Mussari became an interactive installation to show that “everyone of us is significant, but united we are stronger.”




Hear Our Voice

Moving forward with the woman empowerment, we completely fell in love with the illustrations in this room. DNLUD would definitely like to wallpaper some walls with these inspiring and captivating illustrations as seen on the walls of Room 24. The best part was the illustrations were created into postcards that guest can use to right a message to their prospective congress representatives.



Seen & Unseen

This room reminded us of being in this psychedelic world where everyone has a space. We all have distinct vibes and auroras but seamlessly they can all mesh well to become this happy environment. Seeing people interact in this room brought a smile to my face :) 





Refinery29 continue your amazing work and to continuously inspire our great minds through these wonderful collaborations!








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