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December 7, 2017

Why does a foreign hotel bed still feel like your own? (Even if just for one siesta!) Or, you know that feeling when you come home from a long weekend away, and you and your bed meet again after a long three nights apart?  How about when you just washed your sheets, and it is time to crawl into your perfectly made bed? Sheets fresh out the dryer.... We know the feeling, and we want you to have a similar experience every night.  We think we can help, thanks to The Height of Luxury Bedding Fashion Event hosted by Aspire Design and Home.  At 230 Fifth Ave (no, it is not just a rooftop bar known for the brilliant views) the 19th floor is actually full of bedding and bath showrooms!


By appointment only, the 19th floor is fully “dedicated to leading luxury bedding and bath brands around the world.” Brands including, Brahms Mount, Sferra, Casual Avenue, Hamam, Belle Epoque, Designers Guild, Peacock Alley, Signoria Firenze, Yves Delorme, DEA and Christy England.  DNLUD was invited to preview new products and linens, while being able to touch and feel the textiles showcased.




In NYC, we know small spaces can feel crowded quickly, and no one wants to walk into a cluttered bedroom!  We believe your bedroom should feel clean and calming. Unless your bedroom is minimally decorated, we would stay away from heavy printed sheets or duvet covers.  Our favorite “simple” linens of the evening, Yves Delorme, where Gayle showed us around the showroom and updating us on the latest and greatest. We particularly loved the solid Ore’e line, with so many colors to choose from!  

If you like color, we suggest adding in layers of pops with your throw pillows, and Christian Lacroix is a master!  These show stoppers can be purchased at Designer’s Guild, along with their own line of bedding, linens, the list goes on and on! You can see we enjoyed the extraordinary pillows a bit too much :) 






Forever one of our go-to brands, Sferra, is exclusively sold To-The-Trade if you make an appointment a representative.  While Bloomingdales and other high end Department Stores stock these linens, we suggest bringing your client into the showroom so they can see their new bedding for themselves, it truly is a treat. They carry everything from bedding to throws, table linens, and more. 




Us humans spend a lot of time in bed, and just like any other piece of furniture, quality bedding is worth the investment.  Don’t just stop at the mattress, as the bedding is just as important and integral to the overall design scheme. Check out our bedroom design inspired from the products we saw at the event, sweet dreams! 


Find these amazing products at:

Duvet & ShamsSheets | Artwork | Bed Throw | Quilt | Throw Pillow 


A big thank you to all the showrooms as we did not leave hungry or empty handed! We were gifted a goodie bag including Peacock Alley wash cloths, Casual Avenue hand towels, Yves Delorme soaps, Christy England silk sleep mask, and Belle Epoque candles. All amazing products, highly recommended!  


More tips? Tell us what you'd like to know below :)

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