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Listen to your Art

March 8, 2018

Like an interior, art is never truly finished. Too often, in the interior design process, we tend to treat art as an afterthought. Dealt with far after paint colors are chosen, wall accents are hung, and furniture is in place.  Due to this order, our initial design is usually not affected by the choice of art. Since this is very subjective, designers are sometimes not even involved! As a result, we may miss a vital design opportunity.


If we chose art first, many aspects of the room would be influenced: (1) color scheme, (2) focal point, (3) furniture layout, etc.  Art can quickly become, what might seem, unintentionally the most discussed part of the space. It brings life to an interior and is an opportunity to showcase a bit of the client’s personality. Some see art as an investment and while that might occasionally be the case, just remember it is ultimately about what you like and finding the perfect spot for it!  


At DNLUD we love the pop art and statement pieces that can fit in an elegant or quirky interior alike. To help in your search, here are some of our favorite artists that can easily steal the shine in any space!


Art is never wrong

During our visit to NYNOW last month, we were immediately enamored with the edgy, carefree style of Oliver Gal. Just like our firm, this art exudes an unpretentious yet captivating look that is sure to make a statement on any wall. They are unafraid to use different mediums to produce these wonderful pieces and we can not wait to use in a project - or even our own place ;)


Statement Pieces




Art has no rules

At a discussion held at NYC D&D Building, we were inspired by the incorporation of unique paintings and photography into modern interiors. Followed by a multi-showroom reception, we came across Chesney’s, whom held an exhibit showcasing Dudley Reed’s work. The whimsical and amusing photography displayed throughout the showroom truly made you stop and smile. DNLUD had the opportunity to meet Reed, who has been recognized for his honesty with the lens, and his personality further emphasizes his love for capturing the amusing spontaneity of his subject(s) precisely as he sees it. He does not partake in the Revolution of the Digital Age and instead honors the moment in sometimes just one single shot. He works only with film (plus his trusty eye) and develops them in his own studio in Upstate New York.  His process is classic and original which makes it unique for our time. He does not believe nor alters his shots with Photoshop, digital retouching and/or enhancing. The photography below capture just some of our favorites from his body of work!  




Art is Out of the Box

Art does not always have to be paint on canvas or a photography it can also be sculptural and made out of an unconventional material. Allison Eden provides that statement art piece that possesses a uniqueness, that pop of color, and a fun texture/layer to any room. We met Allison at BDNY where we were warmly welcomed around her booth, into her Brooklyn studio, and eventually to experience her Holiday display at Bloomingdale’s flagship store in NYC.  Her quirky personality shines through her pieces composed of glass mosaic configurations. 






These one of a kind glass mosaic pieces can be used as artwork framed or incorporated into the interior architecture through tile patterns! If that is too much of a commitment, she has also partnered with LedaTex to master the printing of her mosaics on textiles. Don’t think art can only be on your walls because it can also become drapery, bedding, accent pillow, or an upholstered piece of furniture! Anything is possible ;) 




Art is Madness

Ashley Longshore is a pop artist that is not afraid to depict a #mood for one to display in their interior. These amazing pieces not only add color and vibrancy but are a reflection of the pop culture world. Ashley’s pieces have a way of making a classic interior, even a nursery, have an elegant edge. Don’t miss out on adding these insane pieces in your space, even as a piece of furniture, check out her site for more info.


Weezy Babyyy



Stellar Portraits  



Says What You Mean




Hope you enjoyed our post, these artist, and their work!


As you can tell, DNLUD likes the art to be expressive, bold, and have a fun witty vibe ;) 

These pieces are sure to create an impact in any interior but when creating a

design scheme around the art it really showcases it at its best!


For some more inspiration, check out the NADA Art Fair in NYC this weekend from March 8th - 11th.


xoxo, DNLUD






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